General information of Hair extensions

Virgin hair – the quality marker of hair extensions

Hair extensions is undoubtedly a favorable trend that has remained its popularity during a long stage. It is a safe but convenient solution to women’s increasing need to change your style in a short time. However, the level of customer’s satisfaction obviously depends on the quality of the added hair. According to leading manufacturers, using Virgin hair as the material may assure the high quality of hair extensions and therefore enhance women’s look. But what are Virgin hair and its most outstanding features? Find your answer below.

The very key characteristic of Virgin hair is NATURAL. It is 100% real human hair without being added colors or permed. This type of hair is usually donated in ponytails and still remains intact, so it is quite smooth and strong. When you touch the virgin bulk hair you may find it rather silky and have the same feelings as touching your natural hair.

Now turn to the question of distinguishing normal hair and Virgin hair for extensions. Keep in mind the key points: Virgin hair is more durable than other types of hair for extensions, it can maintain high quality up to one year or more if properly nurtured. Whereas, others that look beautiful at first sight but seem to reveal themselves in a short time after being washed.

Moreover, Virgin bulk hair is available only in naturally dark color or rarely in dark blonde color, not in totally blonde. If you see blonde bulk hair for sale, it is definitely not Virgin hair, and the supplier are trying to deceive his customers for profit. And due to its high quality and outstanding characteristics to make hair extensions, its price is rather high compared to others.




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